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Guest Blogger: The Letter 4

Hi friends! So happy to share this adorable tutorial from the amazing girls of The Letter 4 today! These girls have the cutest blog, be sure to pay them a visit!
Hey there! My name is Jamie and I blog over at The Letter 4 with my three other sisters. We are 4 sisters that grew up very close to one another. Now we have since all grown up and moved away and we miss the 3:00 am laughing, the projects we did together, stealing each others clothes, and everything that goes along with growing up with sisters.
Our blog has been our way to connect to each other again and share projects with each other. Each sister has a unique taste and talent but we all have a passion for creating beautiful things!
I have a serious problem. I never ever ever can find my phone. If I can go the entire day without looking for my phone it’s a good day. And actually I don’t know where my phone is more days then where I know it is. And yes they have that app where it will locate your phone but it’s just so much easier not to lost it in the first place, right? I tell people (ok lets be honest my sisters are the ones who call me so I told them) that I can never find it cause I am always walking around the house in yoga pants and a t-shirt and have no pockets to hold my phone in. Insert, the iphone pouch necklace…..
This was one of those projects that I wasn’t sure would work out, but I desperately needed something like this so I attempted it and quite frankly, I’m in love!
So how I made it was I took some white fabric I had traced out a piece of fabric that was twice as long as the iphone and then some for some seam allowance. (say hello to me in the phone!)
Then I took some painters tape and made my triangles making sure to press the tape down as flat as I could so the paint wouldn’t bleed.
Then I sponged on some paint and let it dry! When you are painting it be sure to just touch the fabric rather than sweep it, again avoiding bleeding.
The next part I cheated. I used a lifeline known as “my sister Janae will sew it for me.” I cannot sew for the life of me! But she simply sewed a hem at the top and then sewed up the sides! Then Janae also so graciously let me us an chain off of an old necklace that she had and I glued it into the sides on the inside and then hand stitched one of the links to make sure it would stay.
Done! Now I have NO excuse not to have my phone on me anymore. And I love love love this thing. It’s been a week and I have not lost my phone once, that’s kind of a miracle in my life. My sisters are thrilled they can get a hold of me!
Hope that inspires those of you that have my same “problem”! Stop by our blog and say hi!
Thanks for having me today on your fabulous blog Julie!!!

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