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The 2012 Holiday Line is Here!

I spent most of yesterday taking product photos and drafting listings and I’m so happy to say that my 2012 holiday line of greeting cards is now available in the shop! This was such a fun and new experience for me. Before I quit my day job I never really had the opportunity to build up an entire collection for a holiday release date. I just designed a card whenever I got a chance and immediately added it to my shop.

Seeing this collection start from a brainstorming list on my iPhone, to a 10-itemed cohesive, yet unique, line, was so fun. I put a lot of time into selecting which ideas to pursue, and went through 2 printed revision sessions before I felt 100% sure of what I was producing. I put a lot of effort into making this holiday line exactly what I had envisioned and I hope you get a laugh or two out of it!

For *today only* you can get 10% off your holiday card order with the coupon code HOLIDAY12. The 10 new cards above are available individually, and I am now offering the brand new option of discounted packs of 10. Take your pick! xo JA

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