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Our Wedding Portraits

Our wedding venue was pretty out in the middle of nowhere (part of what sparked our interest in it) so after the ceremony we didn’t have to venture far to take some portraits together. Being wedding videographers ourselves, we knew how important it was to make time for pictures of just the two of us at the right time of day (not too sunny!) so we had no problems sneaking off for a bit to get some shots.
Our photographer, Heather, actually came out for our wedding from Michigan. I freelanced for her when I lived there and ever since then I knew I wanted her to shoot my wedding one day. I had complete trust in her and knew she would capture our day in a photojournalistic style. Nothing too posed, no props, just natural.
So portraits were easy and it was a great opportunity for us to relax for a second and let things sink in. “Omg we’re married!! Omg I totally lost it during vows! Omg I can’t wait to eat! Omg I love you!!!”
“Omg this is so fun, I can’t wait for what’s next!”
What was next? Sparklers? Snow? Pool jump?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
It really was the best, most fun day of my life.
Stay tuned!
(Photography: Heather Saunders Photography, Makeup: Brie Does Makeup, Coordinator: Vanessa Noel Events, Boutonniere: Delovely Details, Dress: Grace Loves Lace, Belt: BHLD, Suit: JCrew, Neckwear: Accents

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