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Tooth + Tooth Fairy Costume DIY Tutorial

I’ve gotten lots of requests for this tutorial! We did the best we could to demonstrate how this tooth costume was made while actually not having it anymore. (Dare I say, it was too big, Penny wanted to make it her bed, and we threw it out?)

2 long pillows
1 big needle
thick white thread
1.) Sew the edges of the pillows together, alternating between long pillows and regular pillows to create a “cube shape.”
2.) Cut up the bottoms of the long pillows and shape the corners to form the roots, then sew edges.
3.) Cut armholes towards the top of the pillow (you may want to step into the cube to get correct placement), then sew edges.

4.) Cut a hole in the middle of the white sheet (that your head will fit through).
5.) Put the tooth on. Put your head through the hole in the white sheet and let the rest of the sheet fall over the tooth. Adjust for comfort and look. Have a friend pin the sheet into place all around the tooth. You will have to cut excess sheet away and tuck it under the edges and pin to get a finished look.
6.) Carefully take it off and sew the sheet in place very securely, then remove pins.

The crown is optional. While Jordan was going for a tooth that had a crown, this did throw off quite a few drunk guys at the bar. “Hey! The Tooth King! Cooool!” Yeah no.
All illustrations c/o Jordan. :]
Good luck! E-mail me if you have any questions. And don’t forget to check out our other costume tutorial: Pacman and Ms. Pacman!

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