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Raspberry Mojito Recipe

We had a family brunch at our house this weekend and I wanted to make a fruity afternoon beverage. I’ve always been a big fan of minty mojitos and I wanted to add in raspberries, my favorite fruit! I started off following this standard mojito recipe but made a lot of modifications along the way and even learned something.

What you’ll need:
(for about 4 servings)

12 ounces Raspberries
1 bunch Mint Leaves
4 Limes
1 cup White Rum
2 cups Club Soda
4 tsp Powdered Sugar
Lots of Ice

Combine the mint leaves, powdered sugar and lime juice in a pitcher. Using the end of a wooden spoon, muddle the mint leaves to help release the minty flavor (more on that later). I then pureed most of the raspberries using a blender and used a strainer to separate the juice from the seeds. Throw the remaining raspberries into the pitcher, along with the rum and club soda.

This is where I did my first taste test. Yuck. It tasted way too much like just club soda and rum. I decided that in order to really get that mint flavor to come out, I was going to let it sit and ferment for a while. I threw a bunch of ice cubes in the pitcher and placed it in the fridge. After a few hours I poured myself a glass over crushed ice. There it was! A mojito just like the ones I have ordered at restaurants. It just needed a little time. Enjoy!

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