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Wow. Hi guys! How was your Christmas? How was your New Years? It looks like I took an unintentional blogging break. Honestly, I think I needed it without knowing I needed it.

I just got back from vacation (writing this on Saturday) and while I’m not quite ready to jump back into orders just yet, I got the urge to write a blog post. When I logged into my account, I noticed all the recent posts I’d “written,” all with the word “draft” next to them. Incomplete. Efforts made, but never finished. At least I tried, right?

The last month has been awesome and crazy. Show season was so tiring but so much fun. It’s always cool meeting you guys in person, and traveling to my home state for a show in Detroit was seriously so special. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I had shows the first three weekends of December and after that I made an attempt to “relax” for Christmas. It was just J and I (with the exception of a hot chocolate bar I had some friends over for on Christmas Eve), and we spent a lot of time on the couch. Some work, but mostly just a lot of time spent together.

The week after Christmas was spent in hardcore Valentine’s Day mode. Not only did I design the new line (almost done), but I made some changes for the business that I have been talking and thinking and pondering over for a year now. I wanted to prepare all this before leaving on our trip to Maui for the New Year. I actually did really well on this goal. I found that having a specific deadline date helped me focus a lot on getting the job done. So without giving too much away just yet….the Valentine’s Day line is *close* to a release and it will include a special change in the JAA cards you’re used to. ;]

Happy New Year friends! xo JA

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