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Packaging is something that is so important for small business owners. The presentation of your product can can create a more personal customer experience. I know when I order something from Etsy I get extra excited when I see the seller has taken the time to create cute packaging for the item. It is these little details that make small businesses so special.
That is why I was so excited to work with Cat, of LoveBabyJewels on a custom stamp for my orders! I have always enjoyed the look of stamps. They are defined yet imperfect. It really adds an appealing touch to packaging.
I got to create my own design and Cat was very helpful every step of the way. We went back and forth making a couple changes here and there. She was great at letting me know what type works best for stamps and what doesn’t. I absolutely LOVE how it came out! I also love that the design I made lets people know that the item inside is handmade! Trying to spread the handmade word as far and wide as I can!

Want to add the handmade touch to your packages with an adorable stamp? I definitely recommend Cat’s shop! If you’re not exactly design-savvy, she has a ton of cute business-related designs already made up, and I just realized she also offers wrapping paper and wall decals!

Do you drool over pretty packaging too? How do you package your product extra special?

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