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DIY Chalkboard Sign

I got some comments on the chalkboard signs I shared in my craft show display sneak peek and I wanted to share how I made them. I was initially looking online for chalkboard signs to buy because I was pretty pressed for time during my show preparation. But for some reason….they weren’t cheap. So I made my own…super easy and super fast.
What you’ll need:
Wood Pieces
(I got mine at Michael’s, 4 for $2 they a have all kinds of shapes and sizes)
Chalkboard spray paint
Krazy glue
Lay out your pieces of wood and spray them with chalkboard paint, following the instructions on coats and drying times. Once dry, remember to first rub the side of a piece of chalk on the entire board to set it. Clean it off with water and you have a mini chalkboard!

Next lay the board chalkboard side down on a flat surface. Apply krazy glue to the top of a clothespin and position it on the board, pressing firmly. Let it dry in place before 24 hours. And you’re done! These could also be used for labeling food and drinks at a party or wedding. I think they add an extra touch of cuteness!

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