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DIY Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Since I shared a lot of gift wrap ideas last week, I thought I’d share how I packaged my presents last year, and plan to do this year as well. I use plain wrapping paper (last year I used white and this year I’m using kraft) and decorate it using a stamp.
 What you’ll need:
Acrylic Paint
Small Paintbrush
 Put a glob of paint on the tip of your paint brush.
 Coat your stamp with paint and press it firmly on your wrapped package.
Just a quick and simple way to add a special handmade touch to your packages!

I also just wanted to take a moment for the support I got on this post. I realized it was my first moment of real vulnerability on this blog and it was somewhat nerve-wracking for me. The response I got was heart warming. I learned that I am not alone. A lot of people shared their similar story with me. Some who live in my area even reached out to me. It just confirmed how special the blogging world is!

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