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Stuffed Artichoke Recipe

It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I was willing to give my mom’s stuffed artichokes a try. I haven’t looked back since. They are one of our go-to veggies for dinner. It’s actually really easy!

2 artichokes
1/8 cup parmesan cheese
1/8 cup bread crumbs
Rinse the artichokes in cool water and let them drain for about 5 minutes. Cut off the tops of artichokes, and about half of the stem. Then snip the tops off the leaves (be careful, they poke you!)
Next mix the cheese and bread crumbs together. The measurements are just estimates. It depends on how much stuffing you like (Jordan doesn’t like as much as I do) and I never measure the amounts I add. Next, sprinkle the mixture in between the leaves of the artichoke. I’ll estimate about a teaspoon but again, it’s personal preference.

Next you steam them. I add a vegetable steamer like this into a pot with an inch or two of water in it. Then I put them over medium heat and let them steam for at least an hour. The longer the better, as they get more tender as they steam.

To test them, slide a butter knife through the center of the artichoke. If it is done easily, they are done.

We paired them with some rosemary chicken and it was delicious! I hope you enjoy this recipe, straight from my mom’s kitchen!

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