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Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

I got a request from a reader to share how I made the turquoise bracelet that I sent to Erika. Now that I know how easy it was to make (combined with my new obsession with wearing bracelets) I’m sort of addicted to making them!

What you’ll need:
20-30 Colored Beads
(depends on wrist size)
Super Glue
Wrap the elastic around your wrist to get an idea of how much you will need. I recommend giving yourself a good amount of slack however, to make it easier to knot when you are done.
Once you have your piece of elastic,  put the noodle tube bead on first. Then string the same amount of your colored beads on each side of the noodle tube.

I wrapped my bracelet around my wrist once the elastic string was getting full to get an idea if I need more or less beads. (Mine has 11 on each side.) Once you have the right amount of beads in place, tie a double knot with the elastic and pull it tight. Then, while keeping the beads away from the knot, stick a dot of super glue on it. I blew on it to make sure it was dry before putting it on. Trim the extra elastic and you’re good to go! So easy right?

I think it looks so fun next to the bracelet my homegirl Leo made me (her beads are even handmade, whaaa?). 

I’m getting really into gold for some reason lately. I used to never EVER wear gold but I’ve bought a few things on Etsy and now I’m getting all metal mix-matchy. Which color metal do you prefer? And do you ever mix them?

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