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I love making lists. I make one almost every day. It is the best way to keep my things to do in order and provides such a sense of productivity and accomplishment to cross things off my list. (Am I a nerd?) I make To-Do lists almost every day. I tend to use my art journal for drawing my card designs, but lately it is filling up with goals, aspirations, and ideas of how to reach a dream.

As the list grows and grows it makes me thankful to feel so motivated but also overwhelms me. I am learning what business owners face everyday. But it is exciting to feel the stress of constantly pushing for something. It makes me realize that one thing I need out of a career, is to feel challenged.

Although all the ideas in my head are starting to unnerve me, the fact that everything on my list are things that I enjoy, and want to do, is the best feeling.

An ongoing thing on my To-Do list is to make more inventory for my shop. I’ve recently drawn out a couple cards and am working on listing them. Here’s a sneak peak at my newest birthday card!

It was great having my friend from home visit for the past week. I’ve been feeling a bit of homesickness lately and it really helped to spend time with her. She is leaving tomorrow and I’m sad to see her go, but at least now I can tackle my huge To-Do list right? :]

Talk soon! xo, JA

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