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Today I turn 28. Yep. Twenty. Eight. Wow. I feel so old, in the blogging world, and in the real world. When I was younger and thought of where I would be at 28, it is not where I am today. But, I’m ok with that.
Sure, sometimes I feel like I’m “behind” as I watch babies, weddings, and engagements flood my Facebook news feed. Sure, I let then “when are you getting married??” remarks get to me sometimes. But when I am really honest with myself, I like where I am in life. I wouldn’t change a thing. So back off society. I’ll do what I want when I want to. ;]
(My favorite birthday-related photo, my cousin and I on her birthday.
Don’t I look happy in my lop-sided over-sized turquoise bow?)

On another note, in honor of my birthday all birthday cards in my shop are 50% off!

Only $2.00 per card with no quantity limit. Stock up now so you don’t have to worry about getting a last minute card next time! Enjoy! xo JA

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