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It’s My Birthday

This photo is of  my cousin, Kristen and I. (Do you like my bigger-than-my-head bow? Thanks Mom.) Clearly, it was not my birthday at the time of this photo, but since it’s sort of a classic, I thought it would be a good birthday-related photo to share!
Today I am 27 and it is my golden birthday. Apparently that means it will be a good year? I sure hope so! I have a lot of aspirations for the next few years and right now it feels like I am on the right track to them, which is making me work even harder. But tonight I’m putting the work aside (for real) and enjoying a nice dinner with my boyfriend!
P.S. In celebratory fashion, you can get free shipping today only in my Etsy shop with the coupon code BDAYFUN! Enjoy!

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