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Sponsor Spotlight: Bake All The Things

By September 7, 2012June 19th, 20156 Comments
Are you ready for your mouth to water? When Gena from Bake All The Things sent me over her photos for this post, I immediately got hungry. Her baked goods look soooo yummy!

 You want yummy goodness from the bakery? I’m your girl!

After five years in the non-profit fundraising and event-planning world, I’m excited for a career shift. I never imagined I’d be my own boss, or own a business, but I’m having terrific fun tackling the learning curve! Baking ooey, gooey, delicious treats has always been an enjoyment, and I’m thrilled to put my creativity to work! When I started baking, I quickly realized my specialty: indulgent, decadent treats. Often this includes recipes with hard-to-find or extravagant ingredients – I’m pleased to offer these small-batch goodies for your enjoyment!

Unicorn Poop cookies? I’m dying. Love it!
If your mouth is watering like mine, you’re in luck! Gena is offering 15% off to JAA readers with the coupon code JULIEANNART15. Check out her shop to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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