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I have two exciting announcements to share today! The first one is the lucky giveaway winner of TheDreamyGiraffe’s print giveaway… Congratulations to entry #59 DisneyFan! You get to choose your favorite print from TheDreamyGiraffe shop! Look out for an e-mail from Kathy!

I also just officially found out that my cards will now be sold at Black Bear: Vintage and Handmade in Brooklyn, New York! I’m so excited that my cards will now be sold on both coasts! I lived in Brooklyn for a summer and it will always have a place in my heart, so that makes this extra special!

It is really exciting for me to start selling my work through other vendors. I have been making cards for almost three years now, but just recently started scouting brick and mortar stores to consign with. I guess I wanted to wait till I had a consistent product that I was proud of and wanted to share. While we were in San Francisco we were searching for more cute shops that sell handmade items. My boyfriend was even passing my business card out when I wasn’t looking! At least one of us is not shy. ;] Speaking of San Fran, I’ll be back later with a post about our trip!

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