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What I’m Thankful For – Link Up Party

There are so many things I feel thankful for. I am so blessed to live in a house that I love in a beautiful location, surrounded by people that I know I can trust and depend on. Sometimes, when I’m just relaxing in the yard on a lazy Sunday, the sun on my face, a rum and coke in my hand, I feel so fortunate to live a life that I love. I never want to take it for granted.

There is something very specific that has changed my life for the better in the past year and that is you. (Ok, time to tone down the cheese, Jules.) It’s so true though! The fact that I was able to quit my job, pursue self-employment….it still boggles my mind and is so weird to think about. And I truly believe that this blog, therefore you, have made that possible.  Even at my weakest moments, when I’ve faced tough times, I have been humbled by your unwavering support. It is something I never expected when I started this blog, but it it what made this experience the most rewarding. I am so grateful. Thank you!!

Now it’s your turn! Link up your thankful post below! Please remember that you must just link to the thankful post, not link to your blog home page. Your post will show up on my blog, along with rouge & whimsy’s, and Yellow Heart Art’s. Be sure to check out what everyone else is thankful for too as well! :]

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