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Oreo Cupcakes in a Jar by Amanda Cupcake

A couple years ago, I was having a hard time with my living situation in California. Thanks to a little site called Craigslist, I found an affordable, 3-bedroom house, bike-riding distance from the beach, that I would share with two other girls. One of those girls was Amanda. It quickly became apparent that Amanda was an avid baker. She would always talk of her dreams to quit her day job and open a cupcake business. I’m happy to say that Amanda is pursuing that dream. She now has a cupcake Etsy shop and a baking blog. She was even recently on TV for her cupcake making skills! Amanda always bring a sense of creativity and uniqueness to her baking, so I’m so glad she is here to share  her Oreo Cupcake Kaleidoscope recipe! 
Hi guys! I named my cupcakes in a jar “Cupcake Kaleidoscopes” because I take extra time to make them look extremely pretty from the outside. Also-when you open the jar, and eat the cupcake from the top to the bottom with a wooden spoon…there are never ending delicious surprises.
What you’ll need:
24 Double Stuf’d Oreos
White / Vanilla Cake Mix
Cherries (optional)
Mason Jar
Twist the top part off of 12 Oreos so the white creamy-ness is exposed. Line 12 cupcake wrappers with the exposed Oreo Cookies.
Cut 12 Oreo Cookies into quarters and coat with flour (the flour helps the oreo cookies to float inside of the cupcake instead of falling to the bottom). Use a spatula to mix the oreo cookies into your batter! Use an ice cream scoop to fill your cupcake liners with batter-right over the top of the exposed Oreo Cookies.
Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. After they cool, cut them in half. Set an oreo on the bottom of the jar. Now pipe frosting on top of the Oreo. I use a large round 1A Tip inside of a Disposable Piping Bag.
Stack a halved cupcake on top of the frosting dollop. Then add another dollop of frosting and another oreo. Somehow this ends up inventing an Oreo *smile* from the outside of the jar! Pipe more frosting on top of the last cupcake half. You asked…pretty please with a cherry on top? Here it is! And an oreo half too! Enjoy!

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