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Valentines Printable – Candy Box Labels

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m putting together some little packages for my favorite GALentines. I wanted to do this for Christmas but time got away from me and it just didn’t happen. I thought since Valentine’s Day is such a fun time of year for me, it would be the right time to try again. So I’m sending simple gift boxes to a few of my friends with some treats, and some cards of course, to spread the love ‘just because.’

I thought I’d share that love a little further and give you guys a #jaafreebie! I included candy boxes of red hots in the packages and decorated them with my own labels. Now you guys can use the label for your own gift boxes! Whether you’re sending a little something to your friends, or just want to tell your man he is “red hot,” these labels are sure to add some “cute” to your package!


What you’ll need:

Avery Labels (22805), a printer, and plastic candy boxes. I got mine at Michaels, or these are similar.

You can download the design file (for personal use only) HERE. Then use the Avery website to print the design onto your label sheets. It’s super simple, and your candy boxes will look cute and personalized!

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