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So remember when I did that What’s In My Bag post and I shamefully showed off the severely cracked screen of my Droid phone? Well. It has happened. I crossed over…into iPhone land. And yes it is just as heavenly of a place as everyone told me it would be.

So I’ve spent the last week or two setting up my necessities and getting acquainted with my new friend, Siri. I’m also very happy to finally have Instagram! (Find me: JulieAnnArt.) But now I turn to you. What are your favorite apps? I’ve looked at articles online, such as “The 10 Most Popular iPhone Apps” but…well, I’m not talking Angry Birds here. So I’m turning to my readers, fellow crafters, fellow bloggers, fellow independent business owners. What are your favorite iphone apps? What apps do you use to make running your business easier? What apps do you use for inspiration? What  photo-editing apps do you use? I’d love some recommendations! xo

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  • Ooohhh…I might have to finally get an iPhone soon too!
    from Blogging Buddies team

  • Patchie says:

    I’m on instagram at patchieverbs! 🙂

    I love the following apps:
    ShopSavvy, Pinterest and Stitchminder (for knitting). For photo editing I like moreBeaute2 and BleachBypass, both of which are free. Tiny Planets is fun too if you take a lot of of landscapes! I haven’t gone to hipstamatic yet (just because it’s not free) but I hear nothing but good about it.

  • Kelli Diane says:

    hopefully I will be in that land with you soon! Sadly what I have now is much much more sad than your old one : )

  • Andrea says:

    I follow you on Instagram. : )
    I LOVE taking photos… try DerManDar to take awesome panaramic photos. Some other apps I have: vlix, Parralel Kingdom, Words with Friends, Swackett, Blogger, tosh.0, Pinterest, SkyView, and Time Machine.

    btw: I started my first blog…. mind stopping by to check it out??

    (I think that’s right)
    Have a good day!

  • I love my iphone. This afternoon when my satellite connection wasn’t keeping up (weather) I just went to my iphone. Enjoy!

    If you sell at craft shows, get a SQUARE to take credit cards with your iphone


  • Julie Ann says:

    Oooh I have the Square and had used it on my boyfriend’s ipad before. That’s right, I can use it on my phone now! :] Thanks!

  • J.Crabbit says:

    My wife loves her iphone, and instagram too… I will have to connect her to your blog. I however just made the opposite switch, had an iphone 4 and traded it back in for a droid… I use it for a lot of business and found the droid easier, I will say though that the app market for iphone was far superior to the one that is available for droid.

  • Hello! I’m also a Julie Ann. =)

    I love my iPhone apps! I use Instagam (CalleLillyCafe), Diptic, Labelbox, Infinicam, Tweegram, Pinterest, myPostcard & PostalPix. Love that last one too! You can order 4×4 prints of your iPhone photos direct from your phone! Great for scrapping. =)

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