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Pretty Show Displays

I’m officially being a vendor in a craft show at the end of this month. It is only my second show so I’m pretty nervous and overwhelmed by all the things I need to do to get prepared in just two weeks. I’m really excited about the show itself though because it is held at a local store that I already sell at, SEED People’s Market. I have had such a great experience there so far, I’m looking forward to getting to know fellow vendors and SEED customers at this event. AND it’s sponsored by Quiksilver which makes it even more exciting!

This was my table at my first show. I’m looking to improve it this time around. I’ve been looking online for inspiration and some people have such pretty, detailed tables, I’m envious. You can tell they have been doing shows for a while. I hope to get there one day, it just takes time!
This sign is amazing! Definitely could be a DIY project.

Love the soft touch this floral banner gives the table.

I’m seeing a lot of old suitcase in displays.
I love the look but it’d be so hard to find one!
How cool is this handmade cash register?

I like the use of pastel colors. Pretty, but not overbearing.

Cutest little turquoise drawer for displaying small things!
Everything is so pretty and so inspiring. I’ve been collecting wooden boxes from the thrift store and was lucky enough to grab some wooden crates from work today. The boyfriend and I plan and putting our handyman skills to work this weekend to come up with a cute display for my show. I think this may lead to another DIY tutorial!
I’ll be back tomorrow with a very special giveaway announcement! But in the meantime, have you entered this giveaway yet?

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  • mimizuku says:

    loooove it. 🙂 your display was so precious! <3
    i´m on a market on sunday with my jewelry and some
    ceramics on this sunday. hope it works.
    my decor-concept is a combination between white-mint-lavender.
    i´ll show some pics on monday.
    good luck on your market! think you will rock that. 🙂
    xo Julia

  • I love love love this post! I have a board on pinterest for craft show set-up inspiration that I’ve been trying to collect! Good luck and I’m sure your booth will look amazing!

  • Wear The Canvas, I have the same board on Pinterest! What is your link? I’ll follow you!

  • Lazy Mondays says:

    Wow, there are so many creative displays! I think yours looked beautiful as well 🙂

  • Oh such a pretty post! Thank you for all these gorgeous ideas on how to style a stall. I had my first stall at a christmas market a couple of months ago, you can have a peek here if you wish:

    I used my packaging boxes to display my scarves from, and simple cubby hole shelves to show off my wools! I LOVE the cardboard cash register, am totally making that! Your market stall is really Crisp and Clean and unCluttered! And the wooden shelves you made for the other craft fair are amazing! Looks so fantastic, great work! Katie. xxx

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