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Playing Catching Up

This week I feel like I’m playing catch up a bit. I find it kind of funny considering I was *hoping* to stay more on top of things after quitting my job. Yeah, no. That was the case for about a week. Then I spent my weekend shooting two weddings with Etch Films and lost track of orders and blog post preparations.
It’s also sort of awesome though….to be self-employed and still be busy. I really like having the opportunity to see how many areas I can use my skills. This wedding videographer thing really sort of fell into my lap and turns out, I’m alright at it. And more so, enjoying it. I mean, how can you not enjoy going to weddings all the time? (Rhetorical question, I’m sure there are people who hate weddings….ya crazies.)
(Do you recognize my nail polish cabinet from this DIY tutorial post?)
So while Saturday and Sunday were spent shooting weddings, Monday I went to work on JAA. I knocked out two wholesale orders that I knew I needed to get out before going home to Michigan on Thursday (eek!). I’ve also been trying to get my new blog design up but that keeps taking a back burner to my Etsy shop responsibilities. 

And here’s little Penny mama. Just because you know, she’s frickin’ cute alright?

What about you? Playing catch up? On top of it? xo JA

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