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I really really can’t believe it’s September. It feels like it was just New Years Eve! I guess time flies when you’re blogging. :]
September is going to be a really great month. First off, it’s my birthday month! Not only that, but I’m turning my lucky number (27). So maybe it will be the start of a lucky year??
To celebrate my birthday I’m having Weekly Deals in my Etsy shop for the entire month of September! A new deal will be announced each week, starting on Monday, September 5th. I’m excited to offer these special deals as a thank you for all the support I’ve been getting!

In addition, this month you may notice some small changes slowly being made here on my blog. This blog has grown so much in the last six months, it’s really humbling. And with growth comes change. I’m learning from experience and I want to continue to learn and grow through this blog. These changes are being made to create a more enjoyable experience for Julie Ann Art readers. If you have any feedback (or just want to say hi!) send me an e-mail at

And with that, Happy September! :] Be sure to check out my new lovely September sponsors over to to the right!

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