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Newspaper Graphic Art Tutorial by Two Hoots + A Holler

Hi Julie Ann readers! I’m so excited to be over here today.  My name is Mae and I blog over at Two Hoots & a Holler.  
Today I’m going to show you the easiest craft ever, inspired by this photo I found on Pinterest:
I’m a huge fan of the 1950’s retro style (who isn’t?) and when I saw these images on the Graphics Fairy, I knew I had to use them.  Remembering the book art I had pinned above, I quickly tore pages out of an old sewing book and got to printing.
I then used an old window I found in my mom’s barn as the frame.  I used ribbon to add a border around each print and voila!  Easiest craft ever.
And just because I’m a huge fan of interactive art, I put a jar of dry erase markers beside the frame and encourage guests to add their own dialogue box to the images. 
This kind of book art is SO easy it feels wrong and the possibilities are absolutely endless.  Go find some images you like, a book or newspaper you don’t want anymore, and happy printing!

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