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Black and White Stripe Love

Basically every time I go shopping for clothes, half the items hanging on my arm as I walk into the fitting room are black and white striped. I don’t know what causes my attraction to this bold pattern, but I don’t see this love going anywhere anytime soon.

I pretty much need this.

If only our dog didn’t love pillow stuffing..

Adorable striped detailing on this mug.

Such a fun necklace!

This dress looks comfy, yet styling.

Such a bold fashion accessory!

Stripes are so fun! Although I’m going to try my best to stay away from them, my wardrobe is starting to look a bit too repetitive!

Lately I’ve been extra busy with the Ultimate Blog Party, plus the Special Giveaway I have going on in the post below (Don’t forget to enter! Winner announced on Monday!). Can’t wait to get back to blogging more regularly. Look out for a post about our garage turned paint studio soon!

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