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Transferring Images To Fabric – DIY Tutorial

I recently found out about Avery Inkjet Fabric Transfers. My mom sent me a newspaper article about them (yes, she mails me articles from the Detroit Free Press, most often ones about how the movie industry is so often filming in Detroit, and how creative jobs are opening up, think she’s hinting at something?). Anyways, she sent me an article of projects using Avery Inkjet Fabric Transfers, with a post-it note saying “This made me think of you.” So, what else could I do but go to Staples for supplies for a fabric transfer project? So….I made a pillow with song lyrics on it. :] Wanna make one? Here’s what I did:

 What you’ll need:
Digital design

So I drew out my design (Hopeless Wanderer lyrics by Mumford and Sons) to digitize, but if you’re not feeling that, you can use any design on your computer, including photos!!

Once you have your design open on your computer, you’ll want to flip it, or mirror it. So when you print it on your fabric transfer paper, the image will be backwards. If your image doesn’t fill up the entire sheet of paper (for example, I made mine into the shape of a heart) cut it out accordingly.

Next, place your transfer paper design-side down onto your fabric. (This doesn’t have to be a pillow! Think shirts, totes, aprons, etc!) The next step is ironing, and for that be sure to follow the instructions on your fabric transfer paper package, as timing and temperature may very by brand. Let cool and then pull the top layer off the transfer paper.

Now….let’s see how long this pillow lasts until Penny pulls out all the stuffing…. ;] xo JA

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