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Fisheye + Friends

I’ve recently been playing at experimental fish-eye photography. Ok, that is making it sound way more serious than it is. Mostly it’s just goofing around with a cheap fish-eye camera from Urban Outfitters. But it’s FUN!

Readers may not know this, but I went to school for photography. Now that it is my full-time job it has been regretably too easy to not pick up a camera when I’m out of work. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year has been to take more pictures of my everyday life. Having this blog has helped me with this goal!

I plan to take a lot of pictures this coming weekend because one of my best friends from home is coming to visit! I’m SO excited! One of the hardest things I’ve dealt with sincing making the move to California has been having my best friends so far away. I miss them terribly, all the time. I’m so glad I get to share my life here with some one so close to me, finally! The weather is supposed to be beautiful so we are going to beach it up! What are your weekend plans?

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