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Five Facts Friday

Five Facts Friday: Penny Edition

I’m changing up Five Facts Friday a little bit this week, to talk about our Terrier pup, Penny, who is turning two-years-old this month! She is the sweetest little girl, combined with (the occasional) biggest pain in the ass. I love her to death and she is way more easy for me to talk about than myself! ;]

1. We rescued Penny in October of 2009. Jordan wanted her brother, who was a short-hair, but I wanted Penny (who was called “Champagne” by her owner). Penny interacted a lot more with us so we took her home.
2. Her two favorite places in the world are cuddling under the covers or laying out in the sun.
3. She has the softest belly!!! I could lay on it all day.
4. Penny knows the word “bubbles” and will immediately get excited and wait for you to blow bubbles for her to jump at to catch.
5. She’s the fastest dog at the dog park. No one can catch her, not even the big dogs.
Penny is the first dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving, training and watching grow every day. I’m so thankful that she’s in my life to bring a smile to my face whenever I need her too. Have a lovely weekend, I’ll be taking this little girl for a bike ride or two!

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