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Weekend In Instagrams

This weekend Jordan went out of town and I enjoyed the house to myself. I had time for super laziness and super productiveness. But now I’m starting to feel guilty for the laziness part. Do you ever feel bad for taking time off?
Unfortunately, as of right now the weekends are my main opportunity for getting work done. I obviously work on weekdays and my week nights are devoted to Etsy shop orders. Plus, the photographer in me won’t take blog post photos in the evening because I’m a natural light devotee.
Because of this, even when I try to take time off on the weekends, I’m still thinking about what I “should” be doing. “I should do a recipe post” “I should do a DIY project” so that I will have content to post during the week. (In fairness, I did attempt a smoothie recipe post but I didn’t think it tasted good enough to share.)
It’s not like I sat on my ass all weekend. Although I did enjoy some kiddie pool time with Penny (aka: me sitting in the pool while Penny stares at me from just outside because she is my shadow but doesn’t like water). I certainly felt ridiculously productive on Sunday, waking up before 8:00, cleaning the house for Jordan’s return, busting out all my orders, wholesale orders, and the bracelets I’m sending to Erika for the Blogger’s Arm Party. But part of me still feels bad for not tackling blog content for the week.
I talked to my Dad on the phone and he was like “You sound worn out. Are you doing too much?” I said “Well, I’d like to have one job rather than two.” When I started this blog (March 2011) my handmade business was not where it is today. The past year has shown so much more growth than I could’ve imagined. It’s been incredible and inspiring, and I know so much of that is thanks to this little blog, and therefor, thanks to you.
So I guess when I’m stressing out on a Saturday about what quality post I’m going to come up with for the week, well I really just want to make sure you are getting back from me what I have gotten from you. xo JA

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  • Heidi says:

    You should never feel bad for taking time off! You work too hard to feel bad about that! I’m realizing that I’ve been working too hard too. After getting back from vacation it’s been really hard to want carry the same schedule I had before. And I know with school starting up soon again it will be near impossible to do it all while teaching too. I think we all get stuck in thinking that we constantly have to be busy as if that’s the only thing socially acceptable and so we talk ourselves out of thinking having down time is ok!

  • Angie Bailey says:

    Don’t feel bad for taking time for yourself, miss! I do so all the time, and it’s recharging and refreshing. Even in my day-to-day, I’ll clean for half an hour, take a break to read a magazine or blog posts, clean some more, take a break for coffee, etc.

    Also, Penny is adorbs!!!

  • Remember… on the seventh day HE rested!

    God who can do all, took a day off to rest!

    You deserve it!


  • Dorien says:

    We all deserve a little time off each week. No, even each day. I like to have a busy life but I need time to unwind or I get crazy!

  • i am the same way… i have such a hard time taking time doing nothing… and i’ve always been like this but it’s gotten worse w/ the shop + blog!

    also, “me sitting in the pool while Penny stares at me from just outside because she is my shadow but doesn’t like water”

    this is nesby to a t.

    he does not like water and cries on shore when i go in the lake at the dog park.

  • new to your blog! Found you believe it or not through Pinterest! the pic of your tooth fairy costume is floatin around! 🙂 Which book are you reading here? ps. your cards are too cute!

  • Jennifer M. says:

    I know the feeling. I feel guilty quite a bit when I’m being lazy – mainly b/c I freelance now so any time I’m not working, I feel like I should be. Which is dumb. I used to work at work and be home at home. Now I’m at work at home and it’s getting all mixed up. I think it’s important to be lazy sometimes though.

    I just read a post over on Kristen’s blog today about this very subject. She pointed out that as a designer, the product is ourselves and our creativity, so being “lazy” is a way of making the product better (less stressed, etc). LOVE that point of view! It’s not all about being productive 24/7 – that mentality is so corporate but doesn’t really apply as much in the creative world.

  • Jennifer M. says:

    PS: What’s that book you’re reading? It looks interesting.

  • Jennifer M. says:

    PPS: Are those all your Etsy orders for one day?? WOW! What’s your secret? Lol. I have 2 Etsy shops and it’s crickets in both of them. I feel like I’m a TERRIBLE marketer and I feel like that is kind of necessary to do well at Etsy unfortunately. Sigh…

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