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Australia: Day 3 + 4

On our third, and last, day in Sydney we took a ferry through the harbor over to Manly. We were a little worried about the weather, we had gotten rained on on our way there (no photos!) but the sun came out and Manly ended up being beautiful. We also got a great view of Sydney Harbor from the water!
On our fourth day we rented a car and left Sydney. Let’s get into this for a second. Imagine me trying to figure out where we are going when I have no idea where we are, while Jordan is needing me to tell him where to go as he tries to navigate our rental car on the left side of the road. I have no photos from the start of this day because it was the most stressful time of the entire trip. Flash forward through some swear words and we were on the open road towards Port Macquarie.
Port Macquarie was one of the towns mentioned on one of the many Australia websites I read leading up to the trip. I was not sure what to expect here (in fact, for the rest of the trip I was unsure of where we would stop and what it would be like). It turned out to be a quiet little beach town with a beautiful, empty, beach unlike any other we had ever seen. The water was warm, shallow and full of colorful fishies!
(Snorkeling, not a dead body…in case you were concerned.)
The one thing I knew about Port Macquarie was that every single day they have a pelican feeding at 3:30 p.m. They do this so they can keep watch on the pelicans and make sure they don’t have any fisherman hooks stuck on them. We grabbed some lunch after the beach and headed over to the pelican feeding area. It was easy to find, as the pelicans were already flocking to it. We grabbed a front row seat (how lucky). It was crazy! We have some really intense video from this. The pelicans were literally right on us, hitting people with their wings. And it was so weird to see how their throats got all big as they swallowed the fish whole! It was really cool.
Next up: We end Day 4 arriving in Diamond Beach (where we spotted our first wild kangaroo!)

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