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What’s Next?

“Me time” has been hard to come by these days. Or really, any time besides “orders time.” Yesterday I managed to get out of the house to go to places other than the post office. My friend is getting married on Saturday (we are going to Palm Springs for it and I am beyond excited) so I used that as an excuse to get a hair cut, manicure and pedicure. I also used this time to do a bit of reflecting.

(Headband: Just Lovely, Sweater: F21)

I’ve been feeling really inspired lately. It’s been quite the Valentine’s ride and with all the madness, I can’t help but think about what’s next. What do I want to do with JAA? Where do I want it to go?

I visited my friend, Adam, in Phoenix a few months ago. He is a freelance designer so we were talking a lot about independent businesses, supporting local, etc. He reminded me of a time, probably about four years ago, when I was telling him about Elsie (A Beautiful Mess) and how she quit her job to pursue her business full-time. And how I’d never get to that point. He said “and now you’re doing it.”

I am doing it, aren’t I? I still don’t know exactly how that happened.

The point is that I am now doing something that I never thought I would. So when I sit here (on the couch with some coffee and Penny) and ponder what’s next for JAA, I try to imagine the unthinkable. Because at one point, making a living off of $4 cards was unthinkable.

But the humbleness in me won’t let me get too ahead of myself. I’ve mainly been focusing on this coming Spring/Summer. Craft fair season! I want to come up with a new concept for my show display. And I want to travel! I want to head outside the Orange County/L.A. area. San Fran I’m coming for you. San Diego? Phoenix, even. I want to reach out to more local handmade scenes! Thinking about it gets me so excited! If you know of any good shows that are around these areas please let me know. xo JA

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