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Mornings Lately

I have gotten my morning routine down pat these days. When I first quit my day job I was a little all over the place, trying to find that sense of schedule. Now I go through the motions without having to think about it. It feels good to have a routine that doesn’t leave me feeling bored (like that horrid day job of mine).

My first stop is our new coffee maker. Did I mention Jordan got me (us) one for our anniversary? Apparently the 4th (marriage) anniversary “modern gift” is appliances. I kind of love how he researched that. He got us the Verismo, which I really like because it offers options. Coffee, latte, and espresso. Lately I’ve been obsessed with iced espresso shots with a dash of flavored cream. Get in my belly.

Once I have my coffee, it’s time for Etsy orders. Orders have always been my #1 priority and most likely always will be. I generally like to get my open order count down to zero, but sometimes it just gets down to a “reasonable” amount. Time spent on orders can be anywhere from a couple hours to several, depending on the work load. When they’re done (or when I say ok time to move on to the next thing) I drop them off at the post office.
From them on, it sort of varies. Lately I’ve been working on wholesale order, a special gifting package, the new product launch, etc. etc. Not to mention blog post writing. There’s always something, and I think that’s what makes being self employed so exciting (yet stressful?).

And then there is Penny. If she is not at my feet when I am working, I can find her outside basking in that sun. She looks like such a rolly polly in this photo with all that fur. I love her shaggy though!

What’s your morning like? Do you have a routine or do you wing it? xo JA

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  • Bev Feldman says:

    Sounds like you’ve got quite a rhythm going! I have a bit of a morning routine: breakfast & read some blog posts or finish one I’m writing, coffee and a book (or more blog reading), clean up a bit, and then start my day. But that’s about where the routine ends!

  • xfallenmoon says:

    My routine is 30 minutes feeding my baby. 15 minutes getting dressed, 15 minutes putting my makeup on, then running the door for my day job. Thank goodness my husband helps with our son otherwise I wouldn’t have time to do it all. I eat and have coffee on the go.

  • You certainly make self employment sound rather wonderful. I am usually racing out the door to get to work in the morning, but I suppose I have a bit of a routine once I get to work. I usually enjoy a coffee and eat my breakfast at my desk while catching up on emails and maybe reading a few of my favorite blogs. Oh, how nice it would be to do that from the comfort of my couch!

  • Nessa says:

    I have two toddler and work in an office.. so it’s definitely kind of like a routine, but with a whole lot of chaos. I wish I had time for coffee before it all got started, but I just can’t give up sleep for alone time with coffee. Just can’t.

  • Casey says:

    I am a morning person and I get up extra early to touch base with my Etsy shop, jot down new ideas in my sketchbook, catch up on social media and blogs, and [sometimes] get a jog in…all before I get ready for the Day Job. On the days that I have off to work on my Dream Job, the mornings are the most productive part of my day and I enjoy all the little routines that my fiance and I have developed. By lunch time, I am starting to slow down a little. Your mornings sound so nice 🙂

  • Margo says:

    I am lucky to have a great part time day job at a doggy day care- I work from 6am to 11am most days, and then get to come home with lower blood pressure and a smile on my face from being around all of the adorable dogs. Then I shower and start my day- it’s really nice to have a steady source of income that doesn’t totally drain me of all my creativity and drive… Although I’ll admit that sometimes I come home and nap for way too long 🙂

  • BCshutterbug says:

    No time for routine in my mornings…leaving for the bus at 6am is still hard after a year of doing it lol. I use to have a routine on my days off when I was only working part time a couple years ago. First: TEA!, then news/cartoons and breakfast, then cleaning and grocery shop. I always tried to get everything done before lunch time. No real routine now. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty nice one going, you are an awesome boss 😉

  • what a lovely morning routine! ive been trying to work on establishing something similar in out house, but having a toddler with constantly changing needs has made it a bit difficult sometimes.

  • I love a routine – but I still have to fit my Etsy shop around my day job. I tend to schedule my promotion in the morning and then tend to orders in the evening. Sometimes it can be pretty late nights!

    Love that you got a coffee machine as a gift. For our 10th year anniversary, my man got me a Kitchen Aid. In mint green. Much better than romantic stuff for me 🙂

  • Really really enjoy your blog, especially posts like this one. I have dreams of going free lance, but I’m currently in the ‘day dream’ phase… Your words give me a giant kick in the back side (greatly needed at times). Its really awesome to see how the hard work pays off for people that put it in (and a bad ass product sure helps huh).

    My dose of inspiration in blog form, I stop by often 🙂


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