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Australia: Day 8, Part 1

As I mentioned in my last Australia post, on our 8th day we left Yamba early in the morning because we had some exciting plans set in Lennox Head at 10am. Jordan signed us up for horse back riding on the beach! Horse back riding is something I’ve been wanting to do for so long now, I seriously bring it up every time we are on vacation. It was so amazing to finally get to do this on the coast of Australia!
My horse was a little guy named Strider. We trotted a long ways down the coast, and Jordan even took his horse into the water. Not like, walking in shallow areas, I’m talking the horse waist deep in waves. Yeah, he’s crazy, I know. I managed to get some great video footage from the shore. (I’m hoping to make a collaboration video of all our Aussie footage….as soon as I find the time!)
So I was fine when my horse was walking, but as soon as he picked up speed I just could not get the rhythm right! I was concentrating so hard on “being one with the horse” as the instructor would say. Yeah, it was not working. My butt was SO sore the next day (or two).
I am such a softie when it comes to animals. That was one of the best things I experienced in Australia. From horses, to koala, to kangaroos, even to pelicans….I sure got my animal fix! Next up is our last stop in Australia. It was, hands down, the best place we stayed, and leaving was soooo hard! I will never forget it.

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