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Studio Makeover Inspiration

My studio space needs a makeover! Remember this photo from my Office Tour post? Yeah it needs some help.
Basically, one day this is going to be where I work (the only place I work) and I need it to be an inspiring place that I enjoy spending the majority of my day in. While I’m so glad we have this spare bedroom to hold our seemingly never-ending amounts of work equipment, the room is frickin small. So on top of making it an aesthetically pleasing room, I really need to utilize the limited space.

I’ve been getting really inspired by searching Pinterest. While I already had a board for my “Studio Dream“, I created a new board called “Studio Makeover” because let’s face it, my “studio dream” is not going to happen in this tiny 2nd bedroom of our rental house. It’s time to be realistic and come up with solutions based on what space (and money) is available now.
I love the look of these metal bins inside the white shelving units. While I’m not one for a “furry seat” I really love the look of the blinds.
I’m switching out the inspiration board I have for a chalkboard to help me keep track of ideas and things to do in a more organized way. Also adore these wire baskets.
I love the look of the raw wooden desktop. This is also a great example of utilizing the space underneath.
 I love the pop of color the simple fabric garland gives Heather’s studio space.

This is borderline studio dream and studio makeover. :] I love the big window, the high wall, and the hard floor. While those are all things our spare bedroom doesn’t have, I do like the idea of the L-shaped desks positioned away from the window, rather than under.

It’s amazing how much more light and airy a room can become with a simple plant.

Aah I’m feeling so inspired now! What’s your work space like? And how do you keep it organized? xo JA

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  • i wish i had an office!
    my ideal space would be a little cottage/guest house.
    a girl can dream, right?

  • thompson says:

    oh i love the last pic with those awesome windows. that is fantastic. great inspiration photos. i’m sure your room will look amazing.

  • My Hideaway says:

    Here’s the source of the office space with the “514” numbers:

    I actually blogged the same photo a couple of years ago.

    Kate’s room is the best! 🙂

  • Tracy says:

    Love your inspiration! I am working out of a spare bedroom also, but feel like I’m constantly being suffocated by the growing amount of supplies I seem to acquire. We are planning to put an addition on in the spring which includes a HUGE work room for me. Can’t wait!! I have been starting to look for ideas on pinterest but I love what you have here!

  • Lots of inspiration here! I like the way you say that this will be the only place you’ll work. That is the same way I’ve been thinking about my creative space. For now, I share my “work” with an animal hospital.

  • Gem says:

    Oh i love those blinds in the second picture, and i’m sure you can get those wire baskets at, although i’m not too sure about shipping costs to the US with them. What printer do you use for your lovely cards??x

  • BCshutterbug says:

    I LOVE the window in that last one. That would be my dream office. My ‘work’ space right now is a mess. We have all our boxes in that room while we decide where we’re putting the bookshelves. I wish our room was bigger so that I had more of my own space (I have to share the office). I also wish my bookshelves would look like the one with the wire baskets…mine always just look messy lol

  • cinzia says:

    My space is small too and it’s always changing. Everytime i think i have the right arrangement, my needs change and i reshuffle a bit. That being said, moveable rather than custom built ins are best especially since you rent. In small spaces, it’s important to use all available space, like vertical space. I also use both sides of the 2 doors that are in my studio. On one i hang an ironing board inside and a chalk board outside of it. on the other I have a mirror on one side and rods on the other side for hanging my quilts.

    And don’t overlook ergonomics! if your not comfortable, you won’t want ot work! Get the best chair you can afford!

  • Cyn says:

    Hey! Wire baskets like the ones you love are at TJ Maxx! I bought some recently and love them!

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