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Yellow + Grey Love

I’m in the market for a new bedding set. I’ve been looking all over online but can’t seem to find something that will work. Our bedroom furniture is a dark brown. And we have a large painting that Jordan made hanging over the bed, and it’s mainly red and yellow. (If anyone has any color suggestions for a comforter that would be great.) Anyways, in my search of bedding that would work with the colors in our room (and that we BOTH like), I was reminded of my love for the yellow and grey color combo.

Not just the color combo but how amazing is this headboard
Such a cool necklace. I love the touch of turquoise.
Set of fun ties for a wedding with yellow and grey colors.
I love the leave pattern on this clutch.
How awesome are these chairs?
Am I wrong or is this color combination adorable? What’s your favorite color combo?

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