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New Product Launch

If you follow me on social media, you probably know I’ve been working on a new product launch for a while now. I’m happy to say that today is the day, and ten new listings have been added to the shop!

I was actually able to test these products face-to-face with customers at Renegade Craft Fair. And that, combined with social media response, has made me so excited to finally make them available to everyone!

The new product launch includes: 3 sticker sets, 3 greeting cards, 2 notepads, 1 set of sticky notes, and even a pencil set! Phew. This bitch has been busy.

How about a little celebration? Today only, I have a limited amount of Stationery Deal Sets! This special listing gets you a free pencil and sticky note pad, with the purchase of the 2 new notepads!

Supplies are limited so if you want to take advantage of this one-day deal, well, get on that shit!

So what do you think? Do you like the different products or do you think I should stick to greeting cards? ;]

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