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If you follow my friend Dana over at The Wonder Forest, you may have seen this blog post where she discusses readers reactions to certain posts. More specifically, readers seemed more apt to comment on quick, daily life posts, rather than posts that take a lot of time to create/write. I read through her reader’s comments and there was some great feedback. A lot of people said they just don’t always have the time to comment, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love the content any less. Another thing that several people mentioned was that they comment less on posts regarding tutorials because they aren’t as relate-able. Although a project may be cool, the odds of them trying it themselves are slim. Or they’re just not a crafty person in general.
This totally got me thinking because I have always felt like my blog doesn’t post enough craft tutorials and I’m always down on myself about that. I guess I had this idea that, well, everyone loves crafty stuff….that tutorials are what sparks a potential followers interest. But I’m learning that might not be the case!
While I’m really interested to hear what posts are most enjoyable for readers, I’m also learning what posts are less enjoyable for me. For example: outfit posts. While my girls Illy and Erika can rock them, I just don’t think I can! It is something I have never really felt comfortable doing and I honestly don’t look forward to shooting them. I have to set up my big tripod and fuss with my remote shutter button a million times. Why not have Jordan take them, you ask? Because I will bite his head off. It’s true. I feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera that I instantly get mad at him for instructing me to move a certain way. I feel like a jerk after and apologize, but we have learned it’s best for me to just take photos of myself on my own. But still, I think I was just meant to be behind the camera. :]
But maybe you like outfit posts? See, what do I know? I know most say “I blog for myself,” but the truth is, while I love blogging, I don’t know if I would devote the time I do to it if it weren’t for you guys. So I’d love to hear what you want to see here. A while ago I had started making short survey to give my followers the opportunity to give their input on future products and plan for my greeting card shop. I added a couple questions about my blog as well. It is really short, only 8 questions, and I’d love your input. You can fill out the survey here. Or you can always leave a comment! xo JA

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  • I do love reading DIYs. I may not always do them, but sometimes they’re super inspiring!
    And while I tell you to do outfit posts, it’s just b/c I’ve met you in real life and love your style. I don’t want you to feel completely uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s good to do something outside your comfort zone. ūüôā

  • Aleksandra says:

    Okay, so, I actually don’t know where to start… Firstly, I have to say that I ADORE your DIY post, simply because I think no-one can do them better than you. Honestly. And then, when it comes to outfit posts, I don’t like making (nor reading) those either. From my point of view, there are just way TOO MANY girls making them, and it simply got boring for me. And there are only a few bloggers where I really enjoy those.
    But when it comes to you, my “advice” for you is to stay the way you are! Because I fell in love with this blog for what it is, and I think it should stay that way.

    So, happy Monday! ♡, Aleksandra.

  • I’m so glad that you learned some things from everyone’s comments on my post. I sure did too! It was interesting to say the least. What I mostly learned though is that even if a post that took a while to create doesn’t get many comments, it doesn’t mean that people like them less. they are still reading and viewing my stuff, but they just really might not have anything to say because it’s been covered already in the post. I just posted another tutorial today. I decided that I didn’t care how many people commented on it, because it was something that I was doing anyways and just decided to share my process. I think the whole thing made me realize that I shouldn’t go out of my way to make posts to please others, but if a tutorial is something that I’m actually doing for myself anyways, why not share it? The shares on Pinterest really do help with the tutorials. I’ve gained so much readership just from Pinterest alone…. but on the other hand probably 70% of all Pinterest people just check out the tutorial and never come back. Which is fine, but if they do happen to land on my blog and actually like it, that’s awesome too. Anyways i have no idea where i’m going with this now, lol, but ummmmmm i love you haha.

    xox dana

  • Interesting post! I hopped over and took your survey. =)

  • Gina says:

    I love reading DIY’s and pin them to try….sometimes i do, sometimes I don’t. I think you’re right that some people just aren’t as crafty and although it’s a great post, they would never try it.

    I agree that we blog for other people. Not everyone does, but I do. I blog for myself and for a positive reaction. We wouldn’t do something if we weren’t trying to get something from it, you know?

  • Rachel J says:

    While outfit posts are cool and all, I agree with another commenter on here that a LOT of girls are doing them nowadays while the thoughtful tutorial posts that take a long time to research and do, aren’t as common. Even if people don’t do the tutorial, they’ll be sure to learn from it–I know I do when I read about other people’s techniques.

  • Jennifer M. says:

    This is a fascinating topic! I have noticed some of my posts get more comments than others, but I never stopped to analyze why and which ones. I think you’re right though – short and sweet daily posts are usually the more relatable ones for people. Sometimes it can be so disheartening to prepare hours for a long in-depth tutorial and then either have zero comments or just a couple saying, “Great.” Lol. That’s also so anti-climactic. I’m sure some do appreciate these and just don’t say so, and I guess as long as I enjoyed making them it’s okay.

    RE: outfit posts. I’ve never understood why people do these – especially the ones that post these every day. To me that’s soooooo boring. I’m not really a fashionista anyway, so maybe that’s it, but for me, those types of posts are far less interesting than hearing a story about someone’s day or maybe a photo tour of their design studio or something of that nature.

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