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Gift Ideas for Men

I have such a hard time buying gifts for J. His birthday is in December so with that, and Christmas, it’s like all of a sudden I need to come up with multiple gift ideas. And seeing as it’s the end of November, well, I’m behind schedule.
With Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up (aka: the biggest shopping weekend of the year) I thought it would be the perfect time for a gift guide. And maybe I’m not the only one who finds shopping for guys difficult.
I searched Etsy for gifts for men and picked out a few handmade items that look like quality picks for your husband, dad, boyfriend, or brother. Here were my favs:
1. Personalized Shaving Mug, by MiriHardyPottery
2. Bourbon barrel, by themanregistry
3. Circuit board cuff links, by Sparkover
5. Beer Soap, by GingerGreySoaps
6. Beard Oil, by Beard Oil
Ah, Etsy shopping, you never disappoint. Will you be doing your shopping on Etsy next weekend? I plan too! And I also plan to have a damn big sale to keep an eye out for that! ;] xo JA

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