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A Virtual Bridal Shower

Back in November, my good friend Leonora told me that I would be receiving some packages addressed to “Julie Waittoopen.” My response was something like “What??? Girl!! You didn’t have to do that!!” to which she assured me that it wasn’t a big deal, just some “stuff to use for your show display next year.” I bought it.

Fast forward to Wednesday of last week, when I learned that the packages that were coming to my door were part of a surprise virtual bridal shower some of my dear blogging friends were throwing me! It was seriously the sweetest thing to see the thought and creativity they put into it.

I pretty much died over the photos from Gina’s DIY doggie flower crown tutorial.
Erika put together a yummy champagne mojito recipe because she knows my love for mojitos.
Adorable Illy did a shower-themed outfit post. Totally my style too!

And my girl Leonora (mad props for organizing the entire thing!!) whipped up some printable dessert flags!

I mean seriously, is this not the sweetest thing?!?! They made me cry!! I felt so special and just so fortunate to be able to call these girls my friends. Thank you so so much Leo, Erika, Illy, Gina and Emily!! Love you!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the $50 Etsy gift card giveaway!

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