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Sponsor Spotlight: Sparkover

Remember Jaci, the owner of Crave Jewelry Design, that makes those badass bullet earrings? Well I’m so happy to have her back again so she can share her latest business venture, which is, might I add, as awesome as her first one. Here she is:

“Hey! It’s Jaci from Crave! I’m so excited to introduce you to my other jewelry collection: Sparkover. Sparkover is made from circuit boards that are no longer working or usable, or dead stock. All of the circuit boards were inevitably headed for a landfill – or destined to sit in someone’s basement or closet for years. Have you ever actually looked at a circuit board!? I couldn’t let all of that coolness go to waste. Being an avid recycler, I totally dreaded the idea that these pieces would end up in the junk, I needed to do something with it…. Voila! Unique, super cool jewelry and accessories! Each piece is handmade and no two pieces are alike.

Technology changes SO quickly, which leads to a lot of stuff lying around. I like to think that I’m saving the planet one circuit board at a time. It’s the small things!”

Jaci is offering Julie Ann Art 15% off with the coupon code JAA15.
This code is valid on both her Sparkover shop and her Crave shop!
Remember those bullet earrings I was rocking the other day?
Now is the time to get your own!
(Offer expires June 30th so act fast!)

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