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Q&A with JA

Happy March you guys! This month is my two year blogging anniversary (and my five year Etsy anniversary, dang)! I really can’t believe it has been that long, it sure doesn’t feel like it. I remember those first few days writing posts. I’m pretty sure my first post was about feather extensions (Remember that fashion trend?) (Also, you probably shouldn’t go back and look at that post because then I’ll be embarrassed). It’s been an amazing learning experience. I started writing really with no idea where this blog would go, and the effect it had on my business was an unexpected surprise.

The relationships I’ve made through the internet were also something I never expected. I really have never been able to connect with girls in an artistic way my entire life. I have amazing friends, best friends, but we’ve never had that creative connection. To find myself surrounded by girls with the same interests and goals, it touches a new place in my heart. It made me realize that this connection was something I was previously missing.

So, while some of us have had relationships for two years now, and some of you are newer readers, my question is, do you feel like you know me? Is there something you want to ask?

On one of my posts from last week a few of you mentioned doing a Q&A segment. And basically….I love that idea. That way, you guys can can just ask whatever you want without me having to guess what you want to know!

The post where this suggestion was made referred to being self employed, but I want to open this Q&A up to whatever you want. Anywhere from Etsy tips, to…what kind of dog is Penny (because we get that one a lot!).

Maybe you want to know what kind of camera I use (Canon 7D). Or what I like to decorate my walls with (Sweet geometric decals from Wallums! And of course, fun prints from Yellow Heart Art – 15% off with the code JULIEROX15)

Ask away! You can leave a comment, or if you want to ask privately you can e-mail me. Send me a tweet. Whatever you want. I’ll address your questions in a future post.

Now it’s time to hang out with my Mom. It’s her last day in town. I’m sad to see her go but am also looking forward to being openly super weird again with Jordan again. (We try to hold back the weirdness in front of my Mom, as we don’t want to scare or worry her.) Happy Monday! xo JA

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  • I want to know how you part your hair and how you make it look so smooth! its beautiful!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Q: When Julie Ann Art became your full-time job, did you notice an increase in sales? I would imagine that would come along with spending more time on something, but I would also think that, when a creative venture is a part-time gig or hobby, it’s terrifying to think of looking at that income as something that’s possible to sustain a person as much as a traditional 9-to-5. What types of things did you do to assure that it was enough to maintain yourself financially? I hope these aren’t too personal to ask, but that’s always been something that has amazed me when I hear about someone making her Etsy shop her full-time gig.

  • 1. when are you coming to seattle so penny can meet nesby?
    2. do you miss michigan a lot?
    3. what’s your day to day schedule? (you should do a post on that.)

  • Amy says:

    Happy Blogervarsary and congratulations on being so successful with it all 🙂

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  • SH says:

    Looking forward to the Q&A session!

    Happy Monday!

    The Hartungs Blog

  • Leonora says:

    1. whats it like knowing legendary super star Leonora from Yellow Heart Art? I Hear she is like the bomb dot com or something like that.

    2. have you had to adjust any of your spending habits now that you are doing JAA full time?

    3. where do you get your inspiration from

    4. do you make an effort to get out of the house each day now that you work from home?

  • gina says:

    happy two years! it’s crazy how fast it goes. I have been working for myself for over two years and that is just nuts.

    Question – what made you decide to open an etsy shop and start a business? did you do it as a hobby or did you have intentions of it turning into a job-job?

  • Jennifer says:

    What computer programs do you use most? What programs do you find best to make/design your cards!

  • Congrats! What a success! Great job so far!! Keep up the great work!!

  • whitbnimble says:

    Happy blogiversary! So, you’re at the two year point, and your blog is doing so well. You’ve really built a community of creatives who interact with your posts, especially in the comments section. At what point in two years did you see that interaction pick up?

  • Wholesale orders- How do you sell yourself to achieve wholesale orders? How do you approach them and present your work?

  • Jenn Rush says:

    I am so excited for this Q&A post!

    I would love to know, do you print all of your cards at home, on your own printer? And if so, what kind of printer do you use? I’ve been wanting to invest in a printer, but I’m having a hard time picking what kind to go with.

  • Yanxia Luo says:

    Happy blogiversary! Great ideas of Q&A post!

    I would love to know how you balance your work and personal life, which I found so easy to mix up. Do you schedule a “FREE” day every week, or just decide when you need.

  • Ms. Divine says:

    1. Since you work from home like me, how do you balance working and your relationship? It’s so hard for me to balance them!

    2. For every card design that makes it into your shop, how many ideas get nixed?

    3. What’s your favorite dessert? 🙂

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