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My 1st Day Being Self-Employed

My first day being self-employed was weird! There was no….flow. I was resorting to my To-Do Lists the entire day (which I guess is a good thing) because there was this sense of not knowing what to do. Like, ok what needs to get done next? It is definitely going to take me some time to get used to this!
I woke up (before Jordan may I add) and immediately got dressed. I read this great post from The Tiny Twig with tips on working from home. A key factor was actually getting yourself ready for the day (out of your pajamas). I knew I had errands to do anyways so I made myself look presentable. (Although I should mention that today I am currently sitting here typing in pajamas.)
The majority of my day was spent doing things for my business that I had been putting off for too long. Ex: business bank account, seller’s permit, insurance. None of which were exciting to take care of (especially sitting at the DMV for 2.5 hours) but the excitement came in on what it MEANT to be doing these things. JAA is getting serious!
On top of Etsy shop orders, I also got one wholesale order and one wholesale inquiry yesterday. And while I have always had a sense of happiness with every sale I receive, there was another emotion that set in when those big orders came through. Relief.
Overall, it was a good day one, and I ended it looking forward to day two. :] xo JA

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