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Sponsorship Changes

Accepting sponsorships has been a much more rewarding experience than I could have imagined. My relationships with most of my past sponsors have continued way beyond the month(s) that they advertised on my blog. We continuously tweet, even e-mail, and still support each other throughout the online world. I’m thankful to have developed these relationships with fellow bloggers that I now consider my friends.
With that said, I want to let you know about some changes I’m making for my sponsorship options starting in April. Next month ad space will be offered in two sizes, large and medium. Large spaces will still include an individual feature post and optional solo giveaway. Medium spaces will be ad space only. Both will be offered in limited quantities as to not overwhelm readers.

It was a big decision for me to no longer offer group features. While I love offering as much support to the Etsy/blogging community as I can, I feel like I’m spreading myself a little too thin. Sponsors deserve the best and I think in order to give that to my sponsors I have to limit what I take on (until JAA is my full-time job. One day!!).
Also, you may have noticed that I have not done Sponsor Call posts in the past couple months. I just want to clarify that just because I don’t write Sponsor Call posts does not mean I am not taking sponsors! (Had a misunderstanding last month) I just feel that the posts are not always necessary (if I don’t have many spots left), and I want to focus more on posts that I enjoy, and think others will too.
As JAA grows, I will continue to learn what works best, and what doesn’t. With this will come changes and I hope to see you through them. Thank you for your support and understanding! xo JA

For more information on advertising on Julie Ann Art, see here.

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