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Sponsor Spotlight: TwillyPop

I‘m a housewife, which I quite enjoy {you’re already snoring and thinking about clicking away, aren’t you?}

I live in a VERY rural town {think Deliverance} in Upsate NY which I think is lovely in the spring, summer, and fall but unbearable in the winter. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I AM leaning toward jewelry designer as of late 😀

I’m one of those FR-EAKS who actually like to work out {sweaty, sweaty, sweaty freak} and actually revolve quite a bit of my life {the part when I’m not mom-ing or wife-ing or twillypop-ing} around fitness. Partly because I like to, and partly because I spent the first 32 years of my life as an obese girl {not a joke} and I HAVE to work hard or else….

I’m an incessant movie quoter, music makes my heart sing, and I I love to bake. I’m married to the funniest man on the planet {not an exaggeration} and I homeschool the 3 best kids a mom could ask for {also not an exaggeration}
I started my shop just over two years ago and have enjoyed immensely the process of learning to build a creative business. One needs only to take a quick peek at my shop to see that I LOVE color. In my mind, color is the equivalent of happiness. I love even more creating playful, colorful pieces to adorn women and girls. It’s my favorite thing as I sit and hand stitch a necklace to think that that little labor of love I hold in my hands will become part of some lovely lady’s collection….and hopefully a well loved part!.

Mine is a simple life {inasmuch as life can be simple} , but I enjoy my simple life & am thankful for every minute of it.
How cute is she?! Check her out here:

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