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July Goals: with Printable List

I can’t believe it’s July, let alone a week into it already! My trip home to Michigan really set me back with all the traveling and exhaustion it brought on. I’m working on my July goals list right now (you may remember my June goals post from last month). I swear, these lists never end! As soon as I cross something out I’m adding two more things. But I guess it’s a good thing. I’ve always enjoyed being busy, especially when it’s with something I’m passionate about.


I had a lot of response on my last goals post. Readers seemed to like the idea of writing goals down. They said it would help them better commit to those goals throughout the month. I made myself an organizational list for my July goals and thought I would share it with you as well!

You can download a high-quality 8.5 x 11 document here, for free! I hope this will help you stay focused on the goals for you have for your future, your business, your life!

I also wanted to mention that the winner of the baby doll dress from last week’s giveaway is #23 out of 77. Congratulations Amber! Lynn will e-mail you soon! :]

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