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Julie Ann Art

Lets Work Together In October

Hi friends! I cannot believe September is half way over! I need to get started on my Halloween costume (although I don’t know if I can beat this one). It’s also time to open up the floor for October advertising! 

If you’re looking to advertise your blog or shop in the month of October, let’s work together! Views are on the rise over here at JAA. In the last month, we had 75,000+ unique visitors, averaging 4,000+ pageviews per day. Ad spots start as low as $15 for the month.

And don’t forget, past sponsors get a 20% discount! Just e-mail me for the coupon code!
I know October is going to be a great month! I get to visit my blogging homie in San Diego. And I’m also a vendor at the Queen Bee Market at the end of the month! Plus, I’m looking forward to the usual Halloween and fall traditions that come with this time of year! I’m so excited! :]
If you’re interested in advertising on JAA in the month of October, you can find more information here.

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