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Julie Ann Art

Chicago Renegade Craft Fair

Hey guys! I am slowly getting caught up from my 4-day weekend in Chicago (Isn’t it funny how quickly one can go from slow sales to too busy?). Chicago was pretty intense! I had heard it was a big show and it sure was!
It was hot and crowded. I ran out of a lot of stock. I felt exhausted and anxious the majority of the trip. I think the amount of work that shows are (especially two-day travel shows) can be underestimated.
All that aside, it was still really exciting! It’s so amazing to have the opportunity to travel with my work and try to reach new audiences. I love getting to meet blog readers and Instagram followers!
I also have to give a shout out to my boothmate and friend Gina for helping me along the way. It is likely I would have gotten lost or had a panic attack if she wasn’t there to talk me through it!

And I just wanted to give a shout out to Signazon! They printed my custom design through their new sisterbrand Easy Banners. I had a lot of people mention that my banner is what “pulled them in” to the booth so I’m so glad I ordered it before the show!

Now I’m looking forward to a weekend of NO plans! No traveling! Just doing whatever I feel like with my husband and dog. Sounds like heaven.

What’s new with you? On top of things? Catching up?

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