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Postal Pix Giveaway

I’m so excited to pair up with PostalPix to bring you a special giveaway today! I am so into Instagram these days, always sharing, liking, and viewing photos. But so often those photos end up trapped on my phone. PostalPix is an app that lets me order prints of my Instagram photos straight from my iPhone! Super convenient! 

I ordered their most popular product, the 4×4 print. It’s been really fun to come up with ways to use them. Lately I have become a list-making freak (what I need to do for the day, what I want to do for the day, what I actually did for the day…) and I’ve started adding my PostalPix prints to them with washi tape for fun!

They also offer your photos printed on aluminum. I thought this was cool so I had to order one of those too! It’s really nice to have a sturdy photograph that doesn’t curl at the edges or get ruined by water. Plus, it doesn’t even need a frame, it’s so easy to just prop up!

Today PostalPix is offering one lucky JAA reader $25 credit towards printing Instagram photos! Use the widget below to enter!

A winner will be chosen with Rafflecopter in one week and the winner will be contacted via e-mail. Good luck! :] xo JA

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