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DIY Christmas Ornament

I’m not sure when I became one of those people that wanted to decorate for Christmas right after Halloween. But yesterday I found myself at Michaels, where their holiday scented candles were on sale. And I have a bit of a weakness for holiday scented candles (especially when they are on sale), so I bought Holiday Berry and Christmas Tree. I came home, lit Holiday Berry, and that’s what did it. All of a sudden I was making ornaments and putting up one of our Christmas trees. (I fought the urge to turn on a Christmas Pandora station, telling myself that was going too far for November 5th. Not to mention it was like 90 degrees outside and definitely not feeling “Christmas-y.”)

So today I have a DIY Christmas ornament tutorial for you! I know some of you might be mad at me. You’re all like girrlll I’m still recovering from my Halloween sugar coma. It’s cool. Just Pin this tutorial for next month when you’re ready for Christmas and we can be friends again. ;]

What you’ll need:
Metallic spray paint
Clear Christmas bulbs for crafting
(They’re on sale at Michael’s this week)
Bendable Branches
(I found this wreath at the Dollar Store)

If your branches are long, you will need to trim them down. I used clippers and cut mine to a little longer than the height of the bulbs. Once cut, spray paint them thuroughly. I used silver spray paint but if I did it again I would use gold to make the branches more visible.

Once the branches have dried, begin placing them into the opening of the bulb. Using a pair of tweezers made it easier for me to adjust the placement of the branches. Once you have them in an arrangement you like put the top make on the bulb and it’s ready to be hung!

What do you think? Too soon to be thinking about Christmas? Or did I maybe, just maybe, get you a little amped up that the holiday is coming? ;] xo JA

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