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It’s been a while since I’ve had you over for a virtual coffee date. I’d say it’s about time for another one. Shall we?

If you came over for coffee, Penny girl would be waiting at the front screen door for you. She’d jump all over you, tail wagging, butt wiggling. I’d try to remind her to remember her manners, but no, her excitement takes over as usual as she desperately tries to show you as much love as possible.

I invite you to have a seat on the couch, which Penny quickly helps herself to as well. Her front paws quickly find their way to your lap as she tries to give you kisses. I tell her go to her chair across the room so that you can have some space. While she sits down in “her place”, she still stares at you from afar, tongue hanging out, tail thudding loudly against the back of her chair, just waiting for her opportunity to come say hi again.

Once we can get more settled in, coffees in hand, I’d tell you how much I’m looking forward to the next few months. We have a lot of plans already on the calendar throughout the summer. Weddings, craft shows, trips to visit home… I’m so appreciative of having things to look forward to, even if a lot of it is work-related. I tell you how I wonder if I work too much, if I’m not taking enough “me time.” But that, in a lot of cases, my work doesn’t feel like work and maybe that makes it ok so “work” so often.

I tell you that, while I’ve always been a hard worker, I’ve always had that 9-5 job where my mind completely shut off from work the second the clock hits 5:00. And weekends? All mine. Now that I don’t have those set hours, I worry that work is going to take over my personal time. So, I tell you, I recently hired some one to help me a few hours a week. She is processing my wholesale orders, and I would eventually like her to build up a stock pile of my cards so that I can process orders more quickly.

I take a sip of coffee. Penny takes this break in conversation as a sign that it’s time to come back to say hi. She gives you plenty of kisses before settling down in my lap.

I scratch her little ear as I tell you how the thought of hiring some one was scary. But I know it means my business is growing. And that I feel like it’s money well spent because it frees up my time for other thing. I really want to make sure my days aren’t spent folding cards forever.

I get up to refill my coffee and then give Penny a toy so she will stop trying to lick your face off. Then I join you again on the couch and say… what’s new with you?

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  • gina says:

    so exciting that you hired someone! this is something I really want to do and know I kind of need to do in order to grow more, but I am scared. it is a financial commitment and I am worried about control. i do have control issues with my business :).

  • Sammy Casey says:

    Haha this is so cute … AND I just so happened to be drinking a large cup of coffee right now 🙂

    and congrats about hiring someone!

    Stella + Charlie

  • Amy says:

    These posts are so different and lovely 🙂 Your dog is the cutest and I wish I could give her a hug in real life haha!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  • Congratulations- that’s a huge step. I wish you continued success!

  • Micha says:

    I loved this post, I feel as if I was right there chatting with you and I’m thrilled for your business as it grows 🙂

  • Bev Feldman says:

    I’m also gearing up for weddings (though fewer than last summer!) and craft shows (my first outdoor one is on Saturday, yeee!). That’s awesome that you have been able to hire someone to help you out, I hope I grow enough by the end of this year that I can do the same.

  • I love this whole “virtual coffee dates” idea. When you did that the first time I sat in silence for a few minutes in front of my pc after finishing your post. I just had to take a few seconds to “come back” and think about how welcome I felt and how vivid you made the coffee date.

    Congratulations on taking the big step of hiring someone! If I didn’t live on the opposite side of the world, I would feel very honored to help you with your business. I follow your blog a long time now and I feel – surprisingly enough – very proud of your success. Like it’s somehow my own achievement because I feel so part of it through your blog.

    Keep up your great work (although it might not feel like work 🙂 ) and I’m looking forward to being invited to another coffee date soon again. It was a pleasure to meet you and Penny.

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